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Our Approach

You and your business concept are different from everyone else.

We recognise this and that's why we treat each and every client as an individual.

Imagine having a brilliant idea for a food business and access to a local Chef who will work with you to get you going on the right track.

“Local knowledge & years of experience makes your life easier”

"It was easier than I thought it would be." Robert has years of experience and local knowledge and will work alongside you get the right Staff and set them up with a menu & Business you can be proud of..
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Robert Munden

Recipe developement

Recipes help to maintain your consistancy of product and client experience.

Having someone of experience work with your staff on your concepts to create recipes that will produce consistent results every time will enable your staff to keep up your high standards of production and service.

Menu Planning

Knowing who your target market is & the type and style of food will make all the difference to having bookings or not on a regular basis.

Knowing your market with local knowledge & planning your menu specifically for them will mean you meet their expectations with ease.

Legal requirements

Understanding the local Council  and Federal requirements for Food Safety and HACCP accreditation will insure that you are on top of all your legal obligations.

Planning them while you install your business will save a lot of time and effort

Training & Stabilizing

We work alongside your staff while they settle in to their new roles within your business and make sure they are working with best practice according to Safe Food Handling and Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines.

While at the same time establishing protocols for them to follow to set up routines for their consistent output.

Training new staff into your way of operating and making sure they are operating within your company parameters is also vital for the efficient and financial future of your business.

Our Solutions Collection

For you and your Best Return On Investment

Less expense than a Quality Chef, Working with you to establish the protocols and legal requirements that will support your operation into the future.

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