Hi, I am an ex-New Zealand Army Chef, I moved to Australia, more specifically Queensland in 1985. Australia is now my home.

Portrait of Robert Munden

After too many years enjoying working in many hospitality businesses I decided to give my body a break and change careers and follow my artistic side into my favourite hobby Photography.

I qualified with Diploma of Photographic Imaging and cert 4 Graphic Design in 2011.

Since then I've been photographing everything from weddings and community events to products, food and family portraiture.

I am a visual artist and love combining mediums and find that photography makes me want to paint all the more often.

I have separated my business into several niche areas that  means you can find the service you need without wading through pages of website.

I am an environmentalist and love all animals domestic and wild. I do not like bullying or lack of respect for minorities. I believe we are all in this life, in this world, together and we should work together.

I believe animals bring so much to our lives & I support assistance dogs training in my local area.

Smart Pups make a difference to the lives of children who need a special friend when they have seizures or for mobility assistance and very good at autism assist.

We also sponsor Garvin Cancer research by donating a percentage of profits to these organisations as well as our environment.

Please contact me by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

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