Noosa Sunset Framed Print – Old Railway Station Gallery – Pomona


Sunset on Noosa River

You can never tell when the sunset is going to be fantastic or a complete fizzer. On this one day I had my camera with me and never thought the day would produce such a stunning display. The afternoon had been spotted with rain and the claouds had threatened to block the sun out completely. Then as the sun dipped towards the horizon it dropped below the overhead clouds and lit them up from beneath to produce such a beautiful array of colours like I've never seen before in one moment. Then as quick as it appeared it went away and the sun was gon for another day.

Be Creative whatever your situation

Be Creative Whatever the Situation

In the wet

In the wet

When it's raining there are always ways you can make the most of the weather. Here I have used a shallow depth of field with a long lens to focus on one leaf with the water drops and that has created a lovely bokeh of the out of focus drops that are not in focus.


Smart phone

This flower took my interest when out with my dog. I didn't have my camera with me so I used my smart phone and one of the settings to make the image. I wanted to capture the effect that the flower was on the old vine and to make it stand out I used one of the features on the phone that creates this box frame look.


Get in Close

This shot was taken at Shelley Beach Rock pools when low tide. The exposed growth on the rocks had an amazing colour. Using a macro lens I shot straight down between my feet while I straddled the pool. In processing I tweeked the colour a little just to accentuate it. Sometimes it's what you leave out that makes the difference.

RMP1857206247 copy

Isolate your subject

In this image there were many leaves hanging from the trees as they prepared for winter. I chose to isolate just one leaf to tell the story of hanging on to life before succumbing to gravity and end of useful life.

Photographing butterflies is deceptively difficult.

Butterfly Hill Nambour

There's been a time in most people's lives ,when as a child, they marvelled at the specialness of having a butterfly land on you or fly really close. Watching them flit around seemingly out of control and randomly alighting on flowers with their probiscus probing for the sweet nectare they love.

Recently I was invited to join a photo enthusiast meetup group to go on a visit to Butterfly Hill in Nambour.

Until then I didn't even know that this facility existed. Well, it does and it's easy to find by following the Google maps info on your gps.

Besides meeting some very nice people and having fun in the enclosure surrounded by  a lot of butterflies landing on us and generally having a good time.

I took somewhere in the vicinity of 260 odd exposures. I tested my extension tubes and changed lenses trying to get the best shots with interfering with their business of being butterflies.

Know I thought this would be fun but I never expected it to be so difficult, even having them in an enclosure!

Butterflies vibrate or oscillate their bodies and wings in their frenzy to put as much into their day as they possibly can. we can learn from them about not questioning but just doing. This vibration means that you really need to have flash or long zoom but not too  long and a fast shutter speed.

I got very sweaty and fogged up my glasses and managed to rescue a few shot to have a look at and share

I would say the hardest thing was getting the depth of field right and getting the focus on such mobile creatures had to be the most difficult task.

Below is a selection of my better shots from the day.

I'm hoping that in a few weeks time I get to go back when the Birdwing from this area haches out from it,s cocoon.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.


Welcome to my world – Robert Munden Photography: photographer, artist, chef, mentor, teacher – lover of dogs & people

Photography is an extension of my art which is inextricably interwoven into the very fabric of my being.

All my life I have been an artist.

Then why did I never recognize the artist in me when I looked in the mirror?

community photography
I love kite flying

For many years I’ve lived my life thinking I was doing all the right things that my parents and school had taught me. I  always strived to do my best, stay positive and be kind to my fellow man.

My dad used to say to me that to live a good life you need to get a trade or obtain qualifications in something.  He’d say “I’m a jack of all trades, BUT master of none! My wish for you is that you get qualified first then you can do what you want. Having a trade behind you is the most important thing.” and then “put your head down and work hard and you’ll live a happy life.”

Now that I turned 60 and have done what I was told I finally realized that no one had ever given me permission to think for myself! I had been brought up in a culture that you do what you’re told and when told to jump you ask how high!

I had a small rebel streak but always thought twice before questioning or doing anything that would bring on the inevitable pain of a beating when it was found out that I had not followed instructions.

Even God would strike you down if you didn’t follow the rules! You are too academic and have the intelligence not to be wasted on art pursuits. Things like that were constantly being told to me so that I believed it!!

Being told consistently that being creative was not a career path, and that you can be an artist but you’ll never make a living out of it. Was what kept my desire and talent relegated to my spare time. Art and crafts and creative pursuits were only for your spare time.

food photography
I love cooking

So that’s what I did. I’ve spent my whole life following the status quo and serving other people and making them happy and not thinking about what makes me happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining just saying how I got to this point in my life without anything to show for it.

Although I always consider that I am a happy person, I never realized that I have this inherent ability to be happy at any given moment. This is how I choose to live my life.

event photography
I love the arts

More recently when my health started to get the better of me and I found that I couldn’t jump the fence anymore I had to go through the gate, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to retire in comfort because I had made some mistakes along the way and had not fortified my bank balance with enough funds to see me through. I also noted that I couldn’t continue doing the work I had lived my life for because I physically couldn’t maintain the constant state of alertness required. Being a chef in a busy kitchen means that you work for the whole time you are on deck and at least once a day you go through your adrenalin peak during service. If you were lucky you’d serve two meals in one shift giving you two adrenalin peaks.

Where does this leave me?

Dog's Honour Photography - pet photography
I love dogs and photography

I have managed to gain qualifications in photographic imaging and graphic design whilst working in the kitchens. This was very taxing on me and also the kitchen who put up with me for two years doing two things at once.

Now I am qualified to have a career change I have been developing my network and working out what my niche in photography is so that I can do the appropriate marketing to build a business.

So this is where I am at right now!!

I realize that the thing I have been missing out on trying to force myself to be a straight down the line regular photographer.

environmental photography
I love photography – self-portrait

This is not working so now I have to understand what it is about me that makes me want to get out of bed in the mornings. Bang!!! it hit me in the head like a thunderbolt! a good friend of mine and I were having a chat one day and he asked why I wasn’t doing more art and craft because I was so good at it?

Now I am not earning that much from my photographic efforts so I figured that for all the effort I was putting in I would be a lot happier if I pursued things that would bring a song to my soul. If I was going to be half broke I might as well be doing something that makes me happy. So from now on, I am only doing what makes me happy and my reward will be that I eventually get pated for doing what I consider to be having fun. 

This is my story.

I love painting. – Poppy fields


This blog is about the things that take me to my happy place. If these are the things that you like. 

Welcome and enjoy the ride.