Munden Media Solutions – Price List & Info

Munden Media Solutions – Price List & Info

Munden Media Info

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Baramundi with Mango and Macadamias

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Restaurant & Café multi media


What you get

Photographs of your business in operation including building & products

  • Premises interior and exterior,
  • Your products; Food, drinks, specials
  • Services or production
  • Whatever you do that is special

Video clips

  • Your spokes person or actor
  • Clients enjoying
  • Special events or sponsorship
  • What you do & who you are

Advice on how to use Facebook marketing as well as integrate with any other internet platforms you might use like website,  blog, LinkedIn, Google+,  Instagram  or any  social media avenue.

The process

  1. Gather details: I will ask you to provide information about your business so we can work out your best approach and what you need help with.
  2. Plan shoot Session: Once we have your information and know where you’re at, we can make arrangements that suit your time availability and business hours.
  3. Shoot Session: We will be organized so we know what you want to be photographed and what you want videoed. We will need about two hours, whether at once or we do two sessions. Whatever suits your timetable.
  4. Present draft:  After the shoot session I will need a few days to process images and follow your instructions. Then I will arrange for you to view images and video and make any changes before you can publish.
  5. Publishing to Facebook: In the event that you need help to get set up to publish to your Facebook page, I will be there to guide you and show you how to do it for yourself.
  6. Updates: Once you have become a client and we have established a working relationship, I offer a regular update service where if your menu changes or you are offering specials or need images for events or special occasion. I will contact you or you can ring me anytime.

The idea is to be as organized as possible so as to have little impact on the efficient operation of your business.

I understand that taking time out of your prep schedule & service time can be detrimental to your business. With my experience, I know how to stay out of the way and how to respect the job you & your staff have to do.

What the price includes

  1. License for usage, this covers copyright and is designed to protect you and me and forms part of our contract.
  2. Contract of agreement between you and I that means you give me permission to photograph you product or business and I give you permission to publish my images.
  3. Processing and preparation
  4. Insurances while I am on your premises
  5. Processed digital images ready for the internet


I can create Mock ups,  to show what your images will look like 😉

Image of Fine Art Wall Prints for your Decor
Fine Art Wall Prints for your Decor

Menu of Prices

Not suitable for printing

Digital only Internet Ready      

1 Hour – 6 Images – from  $84

Every order Gets:

  • Your ordered amount of images                                                                                              
  • Booked photo  session at your restaurant or Business
  • High resolution sharpened Images @72 ppi
  • You choose & organize  the presentation of the subject/product to be photographed: e.g. Food – Staff – cake cabinet – front window display or shop front
  • USB or digital download
  • Photography Agreement for licensing and usage rights
  • Reshoot guarantee

Digital only – 2 Hour – 12 Images – $150

Digital only – 3 Hour – 18 Images – $216

Digital only – 4 Hour – 24 Images – $282

Digital only – 6 Hour – 50 Images – $700

Extra Images – each – 1 – $11

Digital only Suitable for printing

Choose your medium, here’s a popular example

 Print on Canvas – each from – $59

  • High-Quality prints for display 8 x 10/12
  • Your ordered amount of images from your digital shoot session                                                                 
  • Booked photo  session at your restaurant or Business
  • High resolution sharpened Images 72ppi
  • High resolution 300dpi ready to send to the printer
  • You choose & organize  the presentation of the subject/product to be photographed: e.g. Food – Staff – cake cabinet – premises
  • USB or digital download photography Agreement for licensing and usage rights
  • Photography Agreement for licensing and usage rights
  • Reshoot guaranteed
  • Giclee laminated and stretched on gallery quality timber frame

Ask me about other styles POA

Head shot – you in your preferred environment – $95

  • 3 sharpened Images
  • Digital format                                    
  • 72 ppi
  • USB or digital download
Head shots

Extra images – $11

More than just Photos

Custom Branded Products

Choose from a wide range of product:

  • Customize your own
  • Choose your image
  • Choose your product
  • Minimum Order is 1 for quality assurance test
  • Add your logo
image of Jack Russell puppy called Teddy printed on a scarf
Teddy scarf

Teddy, printed on a T-shirt, could be your own pet or product

Check out our online store

Custom Design Product Ideas

  • Postcards
  • Ties
  • Tote Bags
  • Mugs
  • Brochures & Pamphlets
  • Business Cards
  • Apparel – Hats – Leggings – T-shirts – Tops
  • Cushions

image of Teddy a Jack Russell puppy

Extra processing & Graphic Design – p/hr – $40

  • Choose your images
  • Brief us on what you want
  • We produce drafts for you to approve
  • 2 revisions
  • USB or digital download of graphic file
  • Each file in JPEG,  PDF  & PNG (other formats available)
  • Choose the usage i.e. Banner – Book Cover – EP cover – DVD – Print

All images are shot at high resolution then processed for each particular usage.

Extra photography hours – p/hr – $40

Let’s say you have us cover an event and you originally think it’s only going to take half a day (4 hours)

Then the function is going so well you want me to stay for a while longer. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for” And let’s face it; “Good photography pays! It doesn’t cost!”

Want it Quicker? – add – $200

Any of the Mains above can be produced quicker if you need a fast turnaround. Ready in 24 hours.

Cancellation policy – $120

Ok so you’ve booked me for the main shoot and then you change your mind. If you can’t re-book or you don’t give me 24 hours notice I will charge you a fee for work lost. It’s best to talk to me and we can arrange something to suit your circumstances.

Remember, I am here to help you not rip you off.

About me

Hospitality industry for over 40 years, which includes 12 years right here on the Sunshine Coast.

My photographic skills have been honed over the last 7 years during which time I gained a Diploma in Photographic Imaging and Cert 4 in Graphic design.

I combine still photography with video clips to enable you to present your identity on social media as well as any internet or web platform.

I offer advice on how to integrate and use various platforms like Facebook and Google.

Anything else? Ask me,

                                                         Video Clips

Create a short fun introduction to your business and what you do in a video to use on so many levels.

Video Intro – 30 seconds to one minute – $400

Ongoing Help and Support

Video Updates – per visit – $60

Monthly Ongoing – per month – $40

Learn how to post;

  • How to Use your smart phone
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Internet Marketing – Specials – Change of Menu –sponsorships – events – Community Involvement
  • Customer engagement through Challenges or Bonuses or Competitions
  • Learn how to keep your content fresh
  • How to upload to your page


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