Video & Photography Services

Video and Photography services are the most effective way of engaging with your audience in a most positive and authentic manner. Showing people who you are, that you’re a REAL person and what your message is by doing it in person, gives a very intimate way of introducing yourself to prospective new clients who will be more inclined to think of you when they need the service or product you provide.

One minute videos to show off your business.

  • statement of value
  • elevator pitch
  • animation
  • 1 minute long
  • short-sharp-snappy
  • authentic
  • call to action
  • any media-any platform

Let your clients know immediately why they should use you.

Starting from just $200 like my video below, includes white board animation to highlight details.

I love to network across the coast to provide quality fast videos that show off your business as quickly as possible.
Here is one of my introduction videos that took me a couple of hours to shoot & process ready for uploading.

Who are my customers?

To be honest, mostly women, but always people who understand how to network and understand what’s needed to get their message across:

  • clearly,
  • quickly,
  • attention grabbing,
  • honestly
  • with a call to action

We all know that people do not have long attention spans any more and if your still reading this you are one of the few.

We need to get their attention very quickly or we loose them. That is what short promo videos is all about.
Here is a video I made for TELSTRA and SUNCARE COMMUNITY SERVICES to demonstrate how Telstra’s Digital Ambassador program works. Totally unscripted and with very little lead in or setup time. It’s now being used by Telstra across Australia as a teaching aid for the volunteers from Telstra who are going out into the community to present their program.

This style and length of video is more costly but very effective and if you have a lot to demonstrate or show your clients it can be constructed as a training aid or in a story telling format.

For something like this you are looking at $2000 to $4000 depending on the style of animation and effects you want.