Sunshine Coast Photographer

I am a Sunshine Coast Photographer, Filmmaker, and Artist, based in Tewantin in Noosa Shire on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Map of the Sunshine Coast region
Map of the Sunshine Coast region


To have a free coffee and a chat to me about how I can help you please contact me here or text or phone directly on 0428345238



My Artist Statement

Rob looking smart and professional

For what it’s worth it may interest you to know that I came from a mother and father. Although, at times, I wasn’t sure whether I was bringing them up or vice versa. They both lived their lives on auto-pilot most of the time doing what they had been taught to do from their respective parents. Work hard stay in your job and retire with a pension. Reprimand the kids with punishment when they were naughty.

My have the times changed!!

They were both artists and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with me as far as they knew about all worldly things.

As I grew up I was encouraged or rather not discouraged, to have a go at whatever made me happy. I made models from packets, balsa wood planes, boats and kites from newspaper.

Painted walls, posters and entered competitions.

Colouring-in competitions were all the rage and I won several awards.

Until it was recognised that I was just a little bit intelligent when all my artistic endeavours were discouraged because I had to follow an academic course through school. So the taste for art I had was swept under the mat. I loved Tech drawing but no I had to do Maths Science English and History. I had no choice! I was suited being an academic and would be wasted in the art world. Get a real job I was always told.

Whenever I had an assignment I would studiously draw pictures and make covers to illustrate my project even building scale models. But no I was academic.

My father’s favourite saying was that he was a Jack of all and master of none.

He has always encouraged me to get a trade and become a master, saying that that was the way to get ahead in the world.

Having achieved mastering the Army (14 yrs Sgt), Scouting – Senior patrol leader Duke of Edinborough Award & Leader, Cooking  – City & Guilds of London Master Chef  and Mentor to many, I have bounced around trying my hand at whatever art or crafty thing was in vogue and now find myself very skilled at many things and settling on the photographic side of things to express myself as an artist.

Now finding as my mind expands with learning and experience I love anything to do with the art world including the evolution of technology making, even more, things possible than we ever were able to dream of.

At this juncture in my life I am exploring all that is Photography and Video, both exploring as an art form and also providing services to help the community.

Now I am old enough to tell the academics that I love ART and I am determined to finish my life doing what I love.


I love nothing more than sitting down with interesting people and talking art and photography and stuff.

If you’d like to have a coffee and chat I am always open to suggestions just call me 0428345238


Talk soon Rob


Robby, Bob, Bobbie, Roberto, Robert or just Chef.

Business of photography

I love doing business with sensitive and honest people who can see the value in having a real non-bullshit type person looking after them. I am like my little dog Teddy, I will do whatever it takes to provide the best service to my clients, once we have made an arrangement to work together.

This video is designed to give you a little insight into the thoughts and force that makes me the person I am.

I want you to Hire Someone You Trust

When you want to hire someone and trust them with your family or business, creating your memories, there’s a sure bet that you will feel more comfortable with someone who you feel you know.

Meet me on Facebook

To get to know me even better you might choose to visit my Facebook profile or my Photography page where you can see quite a good example of my photographic work as well as my community involvement.

Mobile: 0428345238

Use my Contact form here.

In today’s world where everything moves so fast and we are doing business on the internet, your future clients really want to feel a strong sense of the authentic YOU in everything that they see, hear, feel & instinctively experience along their way to deciding whether you are the right person for them to engage for the service you provide.

That’s why it is so important to present yourself as HONEST as possible. In my videos, you might find them to be a bit raw but that’s what makes them AUTHENTICALLY REAL.

As you can see in my video introduction, there’s no photoshop in that T-shirt…;))

I trust, that this will make you feel, that you know me in some small way and therefore you’ll feel more comfortable in deciding to use my services.

Where to From Here?

Send me some details on our Enquiry Form

  1. We have a brief no cost meeting (coffee is good ;o))
  2. We create a proposal for your approval
  3. We send you a confirmation of what we are going to do
  4. Suggested strategies, cartoons, animations formating location etc
  5. You decide if this awesome effective media works for your requirements
  6. Then we work out something that makes this fit your budget