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Hi I am Robert, I am a Sunshine Coast photographer and video maker. I am what you might call a location photographer. This is because I come to your location 😉

I am based in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast and I love taking photos of everything but especially of food.  I used to be a Chef and my love of food continues.

Here I combine both my cheffing and photography skills and share some fun with you.

To book me for a shoot please use my contact form or ring me direct on 0428345238

Giant Seafood Platter

This is a Giant Seafood Platter that was presented to customers of Maisie’s Seafood and Steakhouse when I worked there over two years ago. Maisie’s is located along Gympie Terrace in Noosaville along the Noosa River. This one has been made to take away.

Sunshine Coast PhotographerI still think they make a similar platter.

What’s in it?

I am going to take you through the process of creating a platter like this with the sauces that go with it as well.

Lets start with what exactly is on the plate and then I’ll take you through the process of putting it together.

OK, so there is a salad in a lettuce cup and another lettuce cup with prepared fruit and underneath the seafood is a few of the outer lettuce leaves.

Salad: Large Iceberg lettuce, chopped lettuce to line the cup sliced tomato, cucumber, red onions, spring onions & capsicum.

Fruit cup: Large Iceberg lettuce cup lined with finely chopped lettuce, wedge each of rock melon, honey dew melon, orange, apple, pineapple, & 2 strawberries.

Hot Seafood: 4 crumbed prawns, 4 fish fingers/bites, 6 crumbed calamari, 2 crumbed sea scallop, serve french fries.

Fresh Seafood: 6 oysters natural

Cooked seafood: 2 spanner crabs, 6 king prawns, 4 marinated mussels, 2 whole Morton Bay bugs,

Tartare sauce, Seafood sauce (Thousand Island Dressing), vinaigrette on the salad liberal lemon wedges. You’ll have to use your own recipe for the sauces or go out and buy some. :))

How I took the Photograph

When shooting food the biggest thing that makes it look bad is shadows in funny places.

Food always looks better in photos when it is lit from behind, but that makes it dark from the side you are facing so you need to use either a flash for fill or reflectors so that the forward facing shadows do not detract from the overall image.

In this shot I took it over to the river and used the sun as my back light and reflectors to fill the shadows. The feeling I was trying to convey was about how nice it would be to be sitting at the picnic table by the water eating seafood.

I hope you get that feeling when you look at this image.

Enjoy many summer seafood platters by the water.

Happy eating and photographing.

Cheers Robert

If you have a business and want some beautiful photos or video to show off on your website or social pages please give me a call. Or submit an enquiry through my contact form.




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