A Family Portrait is a Forever Moment

Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
In the 1930’s I might have looked like this

What kind of family portraiture do you want?

Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
Don’t let the Grinch spoil Xmas

Location Photographer

Hello, I am Robert Munden I live in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast. I am very happy to travel to where ever you feel comfortable to have your photos taken. Keeping your kids happy and comfortable in their surroundings is the beginning of a great time with a photographer and some fantastic captured moments.

Let’s have fun together.

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Family Portraiture captures a unique point in time which gives you something very special to remember.

Let’s face it if you had a fire or flood tomorrow

what is the one thing you would take with you?


It’s your memories/photos.

And if your young teenagers are flying off to discover the world, wouldn’t it be nice to have a high quality photographic record to remember them by?

Heaven forbid this will happen, but we do hear stories of young adults heading off and never coming home again!

We just want you to have the best memory of them as you can….Just in case 😉

By having a professional photo shoot done you can be assured that even if your photos got destroyed, (heaven forbid!!!) the photographer would have kept a back up of your file so you can at least get them re-printed.

Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
Include your pets

Know what you want

It’s important to have an idea of what style of photos you would like, what you are going to do with your photos? how many do you want? what size? what medium and how much is your budget? before contacting the photographer.

There are many variables that will affect the end result and pricing.

Here are a few suggested things you can think about before doing your research to find a photographer.

  • Style –               Clothes, colours, formal or casual, happy or serious
  • Setting –            On the lounge, in the yard, by the fence or pool.
  • Casual –            Locations can be anywhere you’re comfortable eg Beach, park, bush,                                       boat, mountains or river the choice is yours. Full sun, shadowy or even                                   with back light. If you have seen some picture you like bring them along                                 to show the photographer.
  • Formal –           You might want formal studio lighting in your lounge or with a back drop of                           white or black or even an alternative colour.
  • What –              One large print for the wall, several small framed prints, an album, or just                              digital so you can share on social pages?
  • Prints –             Canvas, Acrylic, Metal or traditional Matted and Framed
  • Budget –           Do you have a limited budget? or amount you’re prepared to spend?
  • Working with Kids – Most young ones have a favourite toy or clothes or prefer their own                                environment or love the beach. Choosing elements that make them                                        feel safe and relaxed is always going to give you better results.

At the end of the day it is what it is and we’ll do the best we can to have fun and produce some memories for you to treasure.

Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
studio portrait
Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
fun in the studio
Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
informal fun in your back yard
Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
let’s all put our heads together

I have included some images from several family style shoots including events just to give you some idea. Please feel free to come up with your own suggestions for your session.

If you are intending to hang your pictures on the wall I can take a photo of your wall and show you what it would look like in a virtual sense before we even go to print. Trust me when I say that bigger always looks better. But that in the end is for you to decide.

Please put your thoughts in the space provided on my contact form after you’ve given due consideration to what you really want.

What if you have no ideas?

No problem, I have heaps of ideas and will talk to you about what we can do together so you and your family have a great time and get some great photos.

I am very happy to come and have a relaxed chat over coffee to discuss your options before you make any commitment.

Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
celebrating with friends
Sunshine Coast Location Photographer
celebrating with friends

My Personal Guarantee

If after the shoot you are not satisfied with the images which you will preview before choosing which one you want printed, I will happily come and shoot again. This might happen if the children are having a bad day. Not a problem. We work together to make you happy.

Kind regards Robert

Please use my contact form to make enquiries or ask questions.


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